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Zooming into 2015

I can’t believe it’s 2015 already!

Having started Zoom2u in September 2014 it has been a busy few months and we have learnt a huge amount.

When I started Zoom2u my goal was to change the customer experience of using a courier. We have been taking all the learnings from the past few months and made a number of big improvements to our delivery platform. Customers should not have to wonder where a courier is and how long their delivery will take to get to them. Our first version helped in letting our customers know this, but we still had some work to do! I am pleased to say the first part of version 2 (which is coming out tonight) will show big improvements to our customers, with the final version released in early February.

One of the things we found is that our hungry drivers often took on too much work as they saw $$$ in their eyes. This lead to some deliveries been late and obviously very frustrating for our customers. This went completely against everything I believed in and of what I wanted Zoom2u to be. It had to be fixed!

Our new booking platform can now automatically work out each drivers load and will efficiently load them with bookings. From our customers perspective it means your parcels will arrive on time and you will receive better information on the ETA for arrival.

From our drivers point of view, we are now able to more efficiently allocate bookings to the best driver for the booking. This means our drivers will earn more money because they will have to travel less for each booking.This will mean even faster deliveries.

It is exciting to see the changes taking place and in turn completely change the customers experience in using a courier.

Tonight will be the first part of the update to our platform with further updates to follow in February as Apple releases our update courier app.

I would like to thank all of our customers for your continued support.

I wish you all the best for 2015.



Steve Orenstein

Steve Orenstein

Big update to our delivery platform

We’ve changed – in a good way