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We’ve changed – in a good way


We’re absolutely thrilled to share the new look Zoom2u with you. We started our business just over a year ago with a mission to create a different style of courier company. One that puts customers first by making package delivery faster, more transparent and basically just better all round. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength and we wanted to create a visual style that reflects the brand that we’ve become. A look that we believe represents our personality.

So we’ve created a new logo, a new website and a whole bunch of fun colours and graphics. How do you like our new logo? Can you spot the fun hidden messages within it? First of all we thought the ‘o’s in ‘Zoom’ looked like eyes so we created a ‘smile’ graphic to sit underneath – the perfect sentiment as our couriers are some of the friendliest around. But wait, there’s another twist. Can you see it? The insides of the ‘o’s are also silhouettes of people and the smile represents the swift journey of a package from one person to another. Neat, eh? We like it. Hope you do too.

Have a look at our new website and our new, easier way to book a fast, faster or fastest delivery. Hope you think of us next time you need a courier who’s not only quick but friendly to boot. We always welcome your feedback so please rate us on your experience.

While our look might have changed, nothing will ever stop us striving for customer happiness.







Steve Orenstein

Zoom2u CEO

Steve Orenstein

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