Passport Delivery

Passport left behind at a hotel? Need your passport urgently delivered on a Sunday After hours Interstate? Zoom2u can do all this and more whilst also giving you the ability to track your passport as it travels along with your courier.

3hr and Same Day delivery

3hr and Same Day Delivery

Guaranteed On time delivery or its free

Guaranteed On time delivery or it's free

100% Australian Owned

100% Australian Owned

Passport Delivery

Passports have the potential to be the most stressful part of any overseas holiday. The “not knowing” or waiting for a passport to be sent and received is exasperating, upsetting and will often keep you on edge until it is returned, especially when a departure date is drawing near. We at Zoom2u know these feelings and are here to help! Arrived at the airport and realized that you left your passport at the hotel? Not a problem, our VIP service will have it to you as soon as possible so can get on with your journey. Track the delivery in real time using our app or call your courier to let him or her know where you are once they arrives. Zoom2u aims to take as much stress out of “stressful” situations  as possible all, with an easy to use booking platform.

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Our customers share their stories about Zoom2u:

“Left something I really needed at a friends house had it zoomed to me from the city to Parramatta. Easy, quick, cheap and efficient…Would definitely recommend”

Krystal via email


“My partner and I were driving to the Sunshine Coast, QLD from Canberra to meet my family before flying to Germany for a holiday. We had organised some last minute German Rail passes online as it was going to cost a fortune to buy them as we went. We paid for Priority Express Shipping to the Sunshine Coast as it was going to be quicker to have them delivered to Canberra rather than us picking them up in Germany and we needed them within 3 business days. We emailed their Customer Care team who confirmed, in writing, we would have it the day before our flight. The tickets arrived in Sydney, but their delivery date was saying one day after our flight left! I called FedEx and they said that although they guaranteed our tickets the day before our flight was scheduled to leave, they ‘didn’t have any trucks heading North’ for 2 business days, so our tickets wouldn’t be leaving Sydney until we left for Germany! They were extremely unhelpful, and it was a Friday morning coming up to a long weekend so I didn’t know what to do. We ended up searching around online and found Zoom2u. I called them, explained the situation and the customer service staff were extremely helpful. They suggested organising for them to pick up our tickets from the FedEx office and flying them to Brisbane airport so we could pick them up on our drive. Even when it turned out Zoom2u’s flight service couldn’t get the tickets to us in time, they organised a Qantas Freight Service for us and drove our package from FedEx to the Sydney airport for us. It was so convenient, easy to organise, really affordable and the staff were incredibly helpful, friendly and easy to deal with! I would definitely use their service again.”

Kyla via email


“I found Zoom2u as I needed an urgent delivery to be made for one our customers within the hour, stressed out of my mind I googled and found Zoom2u’s website which being so, so simple to use led me to book a courier in under a minute and receive notifications and ETA’s instantly. I love how easy the website is to use and to track my parcels, I also love how you get the name of your driver before they arrive so I can greet and thank them properly every time. As a whole Zoom2u has really helped our business in many ways and is a very good courier service that we will continue to use for a long time!”

Aleisha via email

Deliveries recently completed

Pick up From Delivered to Date Duration Time
Mascot, NSW Zetland, NSW 16 Feb 2018 3 hour 10h 05m
Middle Cove, NSW Fairfield Heights, NSW 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 3h 18m
Brighton East, VIC Moorabbin, VIC 17 Feb 2018 Same day 4h 49m
Highgate Hill, QLD Richlands, QLD 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 1h 18m
North Sydney, NSW Caringbah, NSW 17 Feb 2018 Same day 24h 34m
Melbourne Airport, VIC Tottenham, VIC 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 6h 29m
Woolloomooloo, NSW Ashfield, NSW 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 2h 07m
Surry Hills, NSW Fairlight, NSW 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 3h 10m
Mona Vale, NSW , NSW 17 Feb 2018 Same day 7h 26m
Cheltenham, VIC Glen Waverley, VIC 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 1h 54m

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