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Legal Document Delivery

Sending time-sensitive, confidential or important documents is one of the biggest problems many businesses face when using courier services. Horror stories about lost documents, late couriers, or missed deadlines are rife. Zoom2u’s biggest aim is to revolutionise courier services by providing both accountability and reliability to our
customers. Guarantees on the time frames you choose (same day, 3 hour, or VIP) and real-time tracking allow you to always know what is happening with your deliveries and when they will arrive. Furthermore, with point-to-point deliveries lost documents are a thing of the past as the need for large sorting warehouses are removed. So give us a try, you have nothing to lose and quick deliveries to gain!

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Our customers share their stories about Zoom2u:

“Sending (very!) important proof documents back and forward to our designer is so easy when they are a 10 minute bike ride away…Except we don’t have a bike…So we found Zoom2u! It is the fastest and most reliable way for us to zoom our proof’s back and forward – not to mention cost effective!”
Hannah via email

“Sending documents and files that need to reach my clients quickly was always an issue. Often, i’d get in my car and drive them myself, as this was quicker than relying on a courier. Zoom2u has really made the process quick and efficient. I love that I am able to see when the driver will arrive, and when things are getting delivered. It means I can rely on your service, without having to use up my precious time!”
Sally via email

“I urgently needed a brief sent to a barrister for a court matter occurring the next day. I contacted Zoom2u around 2pm. The brief was collected within an hour and delivered around 20km away before close of business the same day”
Emma via email

“Our head office is based just outside of Brisbane city. At times we need to urgently get documents to offices in the city. Though it would only take us 10 minutes to drive there, there is always the issue of parking and time wasted. That’s where Zoom2u comes in handy. We researched a few same day delivery services and we found Zoom2u the easiest to quickly set up and use. Their service is great value for money. They always delivery on time and we especially like the GPS tracking they have on their couriers which lets us know exactly where our parcel is and we get notified when it has been delivered. We would recommend Zoom2u as a fast, easy to use, affordable and reliable courier service.”
Christie via email

Deliveries recently completed

Pick up From Delivered to Date Duration Time
Melbourne, VIC Northcote, VIC 27 Apr 2018 VIP 1h 10m
Sydney, NSW Sydney, NSW 27 Apr 2018 VIP 0h 18m
North Sydney, NSW Sydney, NSW 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 3h 45m
Docklands, VIC Diggers Rest, VIC 27 Apr 2018 Same day 4h 51m
Campbelltown, NSW Miranda, NSW 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 3h 30m
Surry Hills, NSW Sydney, NSW 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 1h 18m
Attwood, VIC Balwyn, VIC 27 Apr 2018 Same day 3h 39m
Windsor, VIC Clifton Hill, VIC 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 2h 02m
East Melbourne, VIC Melbourne, VIC 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 0h 35m
Adelaide, SA Adelaide, SA 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 3h 26m

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