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Need flowers delivered fast? With 3 hour and VIP deliveries, Zoom2u can deliver flowers quickly and hassle-free!

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Flowers are beautifully fragile and would need gentle hands to get them from point A to point B in a time-sensitive scenario. Zoom2u not only makes it easy for the florists to deliver their products through our tender couriers, but we also ensure that your delivery gets to where it needs to be in time frames specified by you!


Let Zoom2u help out with your flower arrangements by booking onlineor downloading our app today!

Our customers share their stories about using Zoom2u

Finding a courier prior to zoom was a little limiting and expensive as rates were tiered towards business customers. Zoom was the perfect solution to get a gift to my wife at short notice for an affordable price.

John via email

I run a small event styling business… before Zoom2u I would do all the running around myself – picking up fragile vases off gumtree, last minute calligraphy stationery the day of the event, piles of cushions that would block my rear view mirror and so many other random bits that were always odd shaped and hard to find. I wasn’t big enough to start a courier account with the conventional suppliers, but then I tried Zoom2u and it totally changed the way I ran my business. I was so much more efficient without having to do any of the running around myself and the service was SO fantastic!!! It’s the Uber of couriers.

Elaine via email

At first I was unsure as I’ve never heard of your company previously and boy am I glad I contacted you guys! The website was super easy to use from start to finish and I absolutely loved the tracking system! As someone who can’t wait to deliver and receive gifts this was a massive bonus to see where the said gift was. Communication with the courier was clear and he was really patient with me while I organised for the recipient to be available… you wouldn’t get that kind of service anywhere else! Loved the experience and I’ll definitely be using your company again!

Lisa via email

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