3 Hour Deliveries

Have a delivery deadline to meet? Only have a small delivery window? Get guaranteed delivery our your items within 3 hours with Zoom2u couriers.

3hr and Same Day delivery

3hr and Same Day Delivery

Guaranteed On time delivery or its free

Guaranteed On time delivery or its free

100% Australian Owned

100% Australian Owned

3hr Courier

If you want your items quickly and need more control over your bookings Zoom2u has the answer. Our 3 hour service allows you to set a 3 hour window in which you would like delivery to occur if your pickup and drop off destinations are within 60km of each other. We give you the ability to track your delivery in real time, see which courier is allocated to your bookings, and give you the ability to communicate directly with your courier if needed. At Zoom2u we put you in control and our aim is to make your experience as simple and convenient as possible.

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Our customers share their stories about using Zoom2u:

“I’ve always found courier services for small to medium items tricky for a number of reasons – facilitation of payment, guaranteeing pick up & delivery timelines and confidence that the goods will arrive! I LOVED Zoom2u from my first booking and made my entire team download the App the very same day! Tracking delivery progress via GPS, no fuss payment processing, simple pricing model, and App + online login meant I could even leave the office and continue to track progress while away from my desk – the control freak in me was more than satisfied and secure with Zoom2u and I will continue to use them for all of my personal and business courier needs!”

Emma via email



“I don’t normally send documents via courier, but when I need to, I always use Zoom2u. Why? Because I know it’ll get there, guaranteed. It is such an easy process to request a courier, impeccable service for ridiculously great value!”

Meghan via email



“I have had terrible luck with couriers in the past – from ones who charge an astounding fortune to the fact they never seem to be available when you actually need them! With zoom2u, you have the option of choosing how urgent your job is and how to have it delivered, PLUS, excellent tracking! I have recommended Zoom2u many times and colleagues have been blown away by the difference. I would never use anyone else. Thank you.”

Jo via email


3hr Deliveries recently completed

Pick up From Delivered to Date Duration Time
Mascot, NSW Rosehill, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 2h 55m
Double Bay, NSW Macquarie Park, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 3h 05m
The Rocks, NSW Hornsby, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 2h 49m
North Sydney, NSW Silverwater, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 2h 42m
Sydney, NSW Alexandria, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 4h 24m
Sydney, NSW Mascot, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 4h 57m
Sydney, NSW Lilyfield, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 2h 54m
Mascot, NSW Sydney, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 1h 40m
Sydney, NSW Greenacre, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 99h 48m
Castle Hill, NSW Mascot, NSW 25 Sep 2017 3 hour 2h 46m

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We deliver

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