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Zoom2u is an Australian owned delivery platform that connects you with local independent couriers in your area for fast same day delivery. Within a matter of seconds you can sign up and send an envelope.

Don’t change your plans. Change your delivery company.

With Zoom2u we'll connect you with the closest driver in your local area.

Same Day delivery

Book by noon and receive your parcel by 5 pm the very same day.

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3 Hour delivery

Get your goods where you need them in under 3 hours from booking!

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Your parcel will be on the next available flight to any Australia capital, and it will be delivered by that afternoon or the next morning!

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VIP delivery

The first available courier takes your parcel directly to the destination, without stopping!

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We're here to support you

Our customer service operates from 8am to 9pm (AEST) Monday to Friday, and from 10am to 4pm (AEST) Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

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Choose a delivery mode to suit; bike, car, van or truck.

How to set-up same day delivery for your business?

Delivery shouldn’t be a lottery.

Once your driver is enroute you’ll receive an SMS to track your driver in real time.

Customer Experience
Customer Experience
Customer Experience

Zoom2u is a
delivery platform

that connects you with a community of couriers across Australia.

All drivers have completed our extensive onboarding process and are vetted, providing you with a great delivery experience.

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