Zoom2u Technologies Limited

Dear Investor,

Thank you for considering an investment in Zoom2u Technologies. Zoom2u Technologies (ASX:Z2U) was listed as an Australian public company in September 2021. The Company is the holding company of Zoom2u, Locate2u and Shred2u.

The idea for Zoom2u came to me while having coffee with a friend. As we sat having coffee, my phone would not stop ringing. I wondered why someone wanted to get hold of me so urgently. When I later listened to my voicemail messages, I worked out that it was from a courier driver. He was frustrated because he had been trying to deliver a parcel to my home, but I wasn’t there. It was the 3rd attempt the driver had made to deliver the parcel. I had been waiting on this delivery but had no idea when it was going to arrive and the delivery company could not give me an ETA.

It got me thinking that there must be a better way. I knew there must be a way to use technology to improve the experience for the customer and the driver. With that I got out a piece of paper and drew the design for what would ultimately become what Zoom2u is today.

This journey started with one goal in mind, to improve each customer’s delivery experience. We believe the future of delivery will be about speed and transparency. Customers will demand faster and faster deliveries as more customers continue to shop online and Delivery speeds will move from days to hours and then from hours to minutes.

Our technology products help to provide customers with faster deliveries and complete transparency. They remove the frustration of having no transparency or control of your delivery. Whilst deliveries today are made by bikes, cars and vans, in the future they will be made via other technologies like drones and autonomous vehicles. We intend to position ourselves to take advantage of any emerging technologies available to improve the speed and customer experience of deliveries.

As our journey evolves, we will continue to invest in the future of our Marketplace and SaaS product to focus on long term shareholder returns.

Our investment methodology for the future growth of our company is to:

  • focus 100% on the customer experience. Consistently questioning what we are doing and making sure it’s focused on the best outcome for the customer;
  • move at speed, make careful but quick decisions. We will value speed over perfection;
    explore and take advantage of new technologies as they become available;
  • spend every dollar like it was our own. We’ll continue to run a lean operation; we keep things simple and stay away from becoming too bureaucratic;
  • ruthlessly measure our performance by focusing on key business metrics and take actions where necessary to improve these numbers to drive investor returns;
  • remain committed to producing shareholder returns over the long term, rather than quick profitability for short term share price gains; and
  • share our strategic thinking and plans for the future in a clear and transparent way.

We are building this business to be the future leader of last mile delivery both in Australia and across the globe. We would be delighted to have you join us on this journey.

I look forward to welcoming you as a shareholder of Zoom2u Technologies.

Steve Orenstein

Founder and CEO


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Zoom2u is an Australian owned delivery platform that connects you with local independent couriers in your area for fast same day delivery.

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