Steve Orenstein and Michael Gayst to understand their vision in building the business.

Steve Orenstein

Steve Orenstein

Founder and CEO

Michael Gayst

Michael Gayst

CFO and Executive Director

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    Here you'll be able to connect over Zoom with Steve & Michael.

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    Here you'll be able to come to our office in Pyrmont, NSW and connect with Steve & Michael.

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    Each month we offer a limited number of times available for investors and potential investors to connect with the Zoom2u team to understand more about the Company and its businesses.

    These sessions are held online and in person at our office in Pyrmont and are limited to a maximum of 10 people per session. The sessions are designed to allow investors to get a deeper understanding of the business and to get to know the management team.

    These sessions will only provide information which is already publicly available and will not provide any future guidance.