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Droppoint Drops Conventional Drivers for Zoom2u 

Droppoint is a platform founded 20 years ago that revolutionises the way businesses manage inventory and field service operations. Many esteemed brands such as Schindler, IBM, Jungheinrich Australia, GE Healthcare plus more, have chosen to partner with the company since it was founded.

We spoke with the company’s general manager of service and operations, Matt Norton, and its general manager of consulting strategy & growth implementations, Mitch Woellner, to find out more about the state of their deliveries, the switch to Zoom2u and its dramatic impact on the business.

Droppoint’s Bold Vision includes Zoom2u

Droppoint has a bold vision and a key part of it is in having a reliable delivery service, as Matt and Mitch explained. Field technicians can spend considerable time on non-service-related tasks while in the field. These tasks might include driving to collect or return materials, chasing materials required for their job, reconciling different systems, and communicating about unsuccessful service events. 

If a technician needs materials urgently, not having direct access to a reliable driver who arrives on time can be extremely problematic for the customer, according to Matt and Mitch.

Conventional Drivers Not Readily Available

The pair found that relying on conventional driver services was quite a gamble, especially when trying to meet customer demands. The company had used other delivery services and found their drivers were scarcely available, meaning Droppoint could not give its customers a great delivery experience.

Not only that, Droppoint found its customers increasingly requiring real-time visibility of their delivery. Not knowing where a driver is, can lead to confusion over the status of a delivery, especially if missing goods or extended delays are encountered.

In the search to find a reliable service, Zoom2u’s technological innovations and excellent customer service won the interest of Droppoint who then appointed the Zoom2u delivery platform. 

As it turns out, Zoom2u proved to be the right choice for Droppoint, said Matt and Mitch, with its reliable and fast deliveries, coupled with real time tracking.

Zoom2u Offers Impressive Driver Network 

Droppoint found they could access an impressive network of drivers through the Zoom2u delivery platform. What’s more, Zoom2u did exactly what they said they would do with their deliveries, according to Matt and Mitch.

“The past few years with Covid-19 made driver availability really troublesome. With Zoom2u we can now access a large number of drivers with flexible delivery hours.” Mitch Woellner, general manager consulting strategy & growth implementations

Thanks to Zoom2u, materials to be delivered to a specific location and at a specific time can now be achieved. From same-day deliveries to 3-hour and V.I.P options, Droppoint is able to guarantee their customers the delivery accuracy they were looking for.

Real-Time Tracking Enhances Communication 

“The ability to also communicate with the drivers while things are in transit, if plans do change, has been something that we’ve found to be incredibly important when we need to know where they are.” Matt Norton, general manager service and operations

Communication is key and that couldn’t be truer when it comes to creating a great delivery experience. With Zoom2u, Droppoint can track drivers and know the exact status of their booking. Instead of chasing around for information surrounding the driver’s whereabouts, Droppoint can communicate directly with the driver and get that information.  

Zoom2u Helps Droppoint Scale its Operations

“One thing Zoom2u has enabled us to do is scale our operations by having access to the amount of drivers. It’s enabled us to grow and provide more of those point to point driver services to our existing customer base.” Mitch Woellner, general manager consulting strategy & growth implementations

Zoom2u has been a valuable partner in helping Droppoint grow its business and improve their customer experience. With access to real-time tracking and an exceptional driver network, Zoom2u guarantees a reliable and efficient delivery experience.

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Chelsea Woods