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Harrolds Gives Customers The Ultimate Luxury: Same-Day Delivery

Harrolds is an Australian luxury retailer, home to over 100 local and international designers, including Burberry, Versace and Tom Ford. Since its inception 36 years ago, Harrolds has made a name for itself through quality service and experiential shopping, taking customers on a lavish retail journey. 

Nancy Stamatelos, eCommerce Director at Harrolds, has recognised how the retailer has given its clientele faster and more reliable delivery options. These are what take the Harrolds online shopping experience to the next level. Harrolds looked into Zoom2u, a platform that connects businesses to local couriers for quick same-day delivery. 

“We looked into Zoom2u because we wanted to elevate our service offering online. We had express and standard delivery offerings, but for the luxury products our clients are investing in, we wanted to excel in the timeframe of delivery…” Nancy Stamatelos, eCommerce Director

Same-Day Is The Way!

Today customers want the opportunity to have delivery options that accommodate their schedule. In 2021, Zoom2u conducted a survey that showed 70.5% of people would order online more if they knew their delivery would arrive that same day

After looking into Zoom2u, Harrolds found they could offer their clients an even faster mode of same-day delivery — in just three hours! In doing so, Harrolds has improved its overall shopping experience, and the likelihood for repeat future purchases.

Harrolds originally began Zoom2u’s services in Melbourne, however the reliability and flexibility of the product led them to using it in Sydney as well. 

“During lockdown, it became integral to have Zoom2u’s service. We also noticed Zoom2u worked well for clients purchasing last minute gifts…” Nancy Stamatelos, eCommerce Director

Zoom2u Provides Driver Flexibility 

For most third-party delivery services, there can be a limited number of drivers that complete bookings, especially if they are constantly busy like FedEx and AusPost. According to Nancy, they’re least likely to priortise your booking. Not to mention the lead up to certain holidays like Christmas, which is an extremely stressful time of the year for managing deliveries and keeping your customers happy.

“We want to be able to provide fast services to complement the experience that we deliver online and instore. Zoom2u helps us do that.”  Nancy Stamatelos, eCommerce Director

Zoom2u’s flexibility and hours of operation means there is always a driver to complete a booking. Harrolds’ customers can receive their orders on time without the delays and unreliability of a third-party delivery service. 

“Having the pool of drivers was also another benefit, so you’d be able to have someone quickly come and pick up your parcel from Melbourne and from Sydney” Nancy Stamatelos, eCommerce Director


Both Zoom2u & Harrolds Strive For Customer Satisfaction

Both Zoom2u and Harrolds share a unique flair for delighting their customers, more specifically when it comes to delivery. With Zoom2u, Harrolds can give their clients the option to order a product and have it arrive that same day. Efficiency and flexibility are what Zoom2u offers to all their customers, ensuring they are connected to trustworthy drivers that show up on time, every time. 

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Chelsea Woods