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Packapill Experiences Exceptional Customer Support With Zoom2u

Packapill, a health services app, turned to Zoom2u in order to meet a promise to their own customers who need prescription and over the counter medications delivered to their door in under three hours. Find out how Zoom2u used our exceptional customer service to turn around delivery speed for Packapill.

Other Services Provide Limited Driver Availability 

Prior to Zoom2u, Packapill used legacy delivery services which provided a relatively good network, however encountered limitations when it came to driver availability.  There was little flexibility surrounding the typical 9-to-5 days and weekends, making it challenging to meet the delivery standards of today. Not delivering medications for customers in a timely manner could be very problematic, especially for those needing a specific product right away. 

“We wanted someone with the ability to scale more deliveries effectively” – Ryan Banks, Operational Manager

Always A Driver To Take A Booking

After much research and attempts to find the right fit, Ryan Banks–Operational Manager– discussed how Zoom2u’s flexibility and hours of operation proved exceedingly beneficial for the business. Because Zoom2u’s platform connects businesses to local couriers, there is always a driver willing and able to take on a booking.

“Primarily the flexibility in the hours of operation and also the number of drivers on the road. Those were really the key benefits” – Ryan Banks, Operational Manager

A User-Friendly Platform Anyone Can Use

Ryan also acknowledged Zoom2u’s user-friendly service, making it simple to allocate bookings to the nearest driver in no time at all! Request a quote, fill out the delivery details and a courier will offer a price that you can choose to opt with, whether it’s same-day, 3-hour or VIP delivery. 

“The service itself is very user-friendly and there is a great level of customer service that helps us get our job done” – Ryan Banks, Operational Manager

Exceptional Customer Support Solves Errors In Minutes 

Ryan mentioned that any issues being experienced were quickly solved by calling up customer service and having a team member locate and solve the problem at hand. Having such a fast and responsive service is essential for the pharmaceutical industry so customers can have their medication delivered effectively. Zoom2u does just this!

“Certainly the customer support with Zoom2u is great. They have a team who are always on the ball, very communicative and more than happy to pick up the phone and provide updates which is fantastic.” – Ryan Banks, Operational Manager

The Future Of Delivery Is Zoom2u 

Packapill has experienced incredible customer service and flexibility using Zoom2u’s platform.  With Zoom2u, you can have any error solved in a matter of minutes and access to more drivers with better operational hours sold. No more waiting for hours on the phone for assistance. The future of delivery is Zoom2u!

“It’s very different from other service providers in the market. Certainly in our experience, Zoom2u has the best customer service offering, which we appreciate.” – Ryan Banks, Operational Manager

Chelsea Woods