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Courier Charges Perth: What You Can Expect To Pay

If you’re looking to deliver packages to and from Perth and are wondering about how much it’ll cost, then this article will help you know what to expect to pay for courier charges to and from Perth.  

Everything is only getting more expensive so trying to find the best deal for your business can be a tricky and lengthy process. Find out how courier charges Perth are determined and what you should expect to pay when delivering to and from Perth. 


How Much Does A Courier in Perth Cost?

The cost of a courier in Perth is based on a number of variables that will determine how much your business is charged. For example, if an item is heavy then this will see an increase in costs, as drivers will have to compensate for their fuel usage throughout the journey. 

Another factor that is considered is the shipping distance as the further couriers have to travel the more they’ll charge. Shipping from Sydney to Melbourne is relatively cheap given these cities are close together, however shipping from Sydney to Perth will end up costing you more because they are so far away from each other. 


Shipping To Perth: What You Can Expect To Pay

Shipping to Perth from an eastern city such as Melbourne or Sydney can be more expensive than shipping to other states. Perth being an isolated city means that not a lot of traffic will be going that way and so getting a courier quote Perth, will be a lot more pricier.

It also depends on the type of package being delivered and the type of vehicle that is being used by a courier. As not many drivers will be making the trip to Perth, the type of vehicle being used will be limited and might not fit the needs of your package. 

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Shipping from Perth: What You Can Expect To Pay

When shipping from Perth to an eastern state you can expect the prices to increase in comparison to shipping to Perth. This is because Perth is an isolated city and there are less courier companies and methods to deliver items. This means there is less competition, so prices are higher in order to make a reasonable profit. Because there aren’t many options, shopping around to find the most quality courier services is significantly limited. 

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Factors Influencing Courier Charges Perth

When it comes to courier quote Perth, there are many factors that determine how much will be charged. The size of the item, weight of delivery, urgency, loading and unloading, and shipping distance, are the most important variables to be considered when searching for a price. 

Size of Item
The size of an item can significantly impact how much couriers charge. If an item is particularly large it could end up taking up too much space in their vehicle. This could force them to have to move other packages around in order to make room for your package. Unfortunately if it’s too large then that means your driver might have to make another trip which could disrupt their schedule for the day in order to accommodate your item. 

Weight of Delivery
If the weight of your delivery is considerably heavy then this will significantly increase the price for courier charges Perth. The heavier an item is, the more fuel is consumed. Drivers are already driving around performing multiple stops, so fuel consumption is already extensive. With the addition of a heavier item, drivers will have to compensate for the amount of fuel that will be eaten up, so you can expect an increase in courier charges.

The urgency of delivering an item will impact the overall price of hiring a courier. The demands for quicker deliveries means that drivers are constantly on the road, trying to prioritise every booking they are given. If your package is time sensitive then it will require your driver to put you at the top of their priority list. Doing this can disrupt their schedule and so, it is more expensive for an urgent delivery. 

Loading and unloading
If an item is heavier than expected then drivers loading and unloading your delivery will need additional help. This unfortunately adds to the price they’ll charge. Methods including forklifts, hand trolleys and cranes could potentially require more team members, increasing labour costs. 

Shipping Distance
When it comes to shipping distance, the further a courier has to travel the more they’ll end up charging. Because Perth isn’t as popular a place to ship to like Sydney or Melbourne and is considerably isolated, this could see more of an increase in the prices set by your courier. Also, the more a courier has to travel the more fuel they’ll use for their journey so they have to take into consideration how much money they’ll be spending on fuel in comparison to their typical charges. 


The Zoom2u Difference

If you’re looking to deliver packages to or from Perth then Zoom2u is the perfect option for your business. Zoom2u is a quality platform that connects businesses with independent local courier services in your area. Their system makes sure you receive your courier’s information shortly after you’ve placed a booking. 

The drivers Zoom2u connects you with can ship anything from documents, parcels, and pallets to large machinery. 

What sets them apart from other services is the different methods of deliveries they offer such as same-day delivery, VIP delivery and 3-hour delivery. This is great for customers who are needing their package to be delivered at a certain time. Such efficiency improves their overall experience and makes them want to use your services in the future. 

Another element that makes Zoom2u such a great platform is their reliability. You can have access to real-time tracking of your delivery which gives you unprecedented visibility throughout your driver’s journey. This allows you to see that the goods being delivered are on the right track. You can even contact your driver to receive updates on your smartphone. It’s an easy and simple process!


Get A Quote Or Book The Most Reliable Courier Service For Perth

If you’re looking for quality prices for delivering to and from Perth, then Zoom2u is perfect for your business. It’s an affordable and high quality way for your business to deliver packages to and from Perth.

Despite having gone over all the factors that determine how much Perth couriers will charge, it’s always best to get into contact with the professionals and get a quote. 

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