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Melbourne to Sydney Courier Costs & Rates Explained  

How much will a courier from Melbourne to Sydney cost?

On average, couriers in metropolitan areas like Melbourne and Sydney can cost anywhere between $60 to over $300 for a single delivery. For interstate deliveries, it may be even more expensive for large courier deliveries.

The air and land corridor joining Australia’s two largest cities is one of the busiest in the world, so why are Melbourne to Sydney courier costs so variable?

There are a whole range of factors affecting courier costs, some of which you can control and others that are completely out of your hands. Understanding why certain factors influence the cost of courier services will help to keep costs down and assess how much a courier service should reasonably cost between Melbourne and Sydney.

At Zoom2u, our mission is to connect those in Melbourne, Sydney, and Australia with exceptional courier services through our online portal. We operate with a relatively simple cost measuring stick – distance.

Within this article we’ll break down courier costs Melbourne to Sydney, the factors that influence these shipping fees, and how you can make the most of your interstate courier service.


Melbourne to Sydney Courier Costs will Vary

Before attempting to calculate courier costs from Melbourne to Sydney, it’s important to understand that courier costs with competing companies will vary, as each operates with a unique business model. While courier costs are competitive across both Melbourne and Sydney, it often comes down to the company that you choose.

For companies that operate a traditional business model, overhead costs like rent, salaries, and benefits add up and will inevitably influence what customers are charged for services.

What’s more, the process of moving goods over long distances and across borders is a complicated and expensive procedure (hence the higher prices for long distance postage), which the courier company may pass onto the customer in some capacity.

Zoom2u is unique in that we do not operate with a traditional business model, with large overheads. Instead, our platform works by connecting customers and businesses directly with our network of over 8000 independent couriers in Melbourne, Sydney, and Australia.


7 Factors Influencing Courier Costs Melbourne to Sydney

Obtaining a courier Melbourne to Sydney quote, you’ll note that the costs will be influenced by the unique factors of the job. The primary factors that will determine the costs of your courier include:

  1. Weight of Package

One of the most critical factors affecting the cost of shipping is the weight of an item. Essentially, the heavier the packing and item, the higher the price to have it couriered. As you can imagine, a heavy item will be more difficult for the courier to handle and may require the services of multiple couriers or a large vehicle to move effectively.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce potential courier costs, consider the type of packaging you use for a heavy item to keep the weight to a minimum. For example, a box is typically heavier than a satchel, so if appropriate, you may choose the lighter option to keep the overall weight of your item to a minimum.

  1. Dimensions of Parcel

The size of your parcel will also affect the cost of delivery. The same principle applies here as to the weight of an item; the larger the dimensions of your package, the higher the cost of transporting it will be. Even if a large item isn’t particularly heavy, it’s more challenging to transport a large item than a small one, as it’s harder to move and takes up more room in the delivery vehicle. A second courier may be required to lift the item, and it will mean less space for other items being transported in the same shipment.

  1. Urgency of Delivery

Most courier services and postal systems will have various time-based options for delivery; the quickest timeframe often being the most expensive. If you want to ship during certain holiday periods when there is increased demand, shipping may increase as courier services are stretched to make deliveries within a specified timeframe. There’s often also an option for same-day or 3-hour delivery in metro areas, and pricing for these will vary depending on peak demand and out-of-hours services.

  1. Distance to Travel

How far the parcel needs to travel is a major contributing factor to the final price of shipping. Melbourne to Sydney courier costs can vary depending on whether the item is sent by road or air. Both methods will attract handling costs, fuel surcharges, and other levies. While there’s nothing you can do to shorten the journey of your parcel, if possible, you can plan ahead to send it off-peak or on an economy route that might take longer but cost less.

  1. Restricted Items

Prioritising safety means certain items cannot be sent with postal services but may possibly be handled by couriers operating by road delivery. Flammable liquids like nail polish, paint, and perfume, aerosols, explosives, and corrosives, including batteries, are all restricted items. There may be exemptions to these rules if you send a small amount of a restricted substance in a pre-approved capacity. This will have to be confirmed at the time of booking and may be a contributing factor to an increase in overall costs.

  1. Valuable Items and Additional Insurance

Valuable items are generally defined as coins, platinum, gold, silver (manufactured into jewellery or in its raw state) and precious stones. Banknotes and bullion cannot be sent via postal services. Extra insurance cover is usually required when sending valuable items as they require extra attention and careful handing along the route. There are various additional cover options, some of which can be quite pricey depending on the monetary value of the item you need transporting. It’s always worth checking what is covered as standard insurance when booking a courier between Sydney and Melbourne.

  1. Tracking

Offering extra security and peace of mind, tracking is usually only included as standard with items that are sent via express shipping. Tracking allows you to monitor the progress of delivery and gives you advance knowledge of any delays or issues. If you request it, tracking can usually be added onto a standard delivery for an additional fee. For Zoom2u deliveries, all of our courier deliveries come with live tracking.


The Zoom2u Difference

At Zoom2u we’re proud to offer a straightforward, affordable, and dependable courier service Australia-wide. Booking with the big courier companies, Melbourne to Sydney courier costs can quickly get out of hand, especially if you need a quick delivery or have a large item to move.

At Zoom2u we’re here to hand back control to you, the sender. Using our platform, you have complete control over when, where, and how your item is delivered. Instead of worrying about unreliable pick-up and drop off times or losing sleep over your package being damaged or lost, we allow you to access fast delivery that you can monitor in real-time from the second your item is picked up to the minute it’s dropped off – giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

As well as Melbourne to Sydney couriers, we offer 3-hour delivery, same-day delivery, VIP delivery, interstate delivery, and long distance couriers among so much more. You can easily get a quick quote and book a service on our website, or you call us on 1300 362 150 to learn more about what we offer and how we can accommodate your courier requirements.