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Courier Charges In Australia

If you’ve ever asked “how much does a courier cost?” Then look no further. 

Determining courier prices in Australia comes down to a number of factors such as the type of item, distance, weight, urgency and even the time of year. 

The heavier a package is, the more fuel is consumed, and if the item is too large, it could take up more space and force the driver to make another trip. 

You can expect to pay an average of $9 domestically and roughly around $12 to $30 for same day shipping. Drivers decide their rates based on the kind of job, so getting in touch for a quote is your best option. 


What Determines Courier Prices in Australia 

Shipping Distance

The shipping distance between the current location and destination are major factors in influencing courier prices. The further a package has to travel the more it’ll cost, especially if you’re shipping across the country rather than just within the same region or city. 

Current Location

If the starting location of a delivery is hard to reach or far away from a metropolitan area, then it can become increasingly difficult for drivers to reach. Whilst shipping from places such as Sydney to Melbourne is relatively easy, if the current location is in the middle of nowhere, couriers are likely to charge more. 

Type of Package

If a package is fragile, dangerous or large this will impact the prices set by couriers. A fragile item will require the driver’s utmost care on the road, reducing their efficiency. A dangerous item will require certain precautions. Also, a large item will need additional help for loading and unloading, increasing labour costs. 

Weight of Item

How heavy an item is plays a significant role in determining courier prices. Prices typically set by carriers are measured per kilogram and next to their regular rates. An additional factor that contributes to courier prices is the amount of fuel needed to transport heavy packages. Couriers need to consider how much to charge to make up for the amount of fuel they consume. 

Package Measurements

Couriers need to know the measurements of packages to work out how they’ll fit in their vehicle. If an item exceeds typical measurements and takes up a majority of space, they’ll be forced to make additional trips. This can cause an increase in courier prices, wasting time and money. 

Time of Year

When it comes to holidays such as Christmas and Mother’s Day, courier prices are expected to increase. The demand during these times can  increase stress for businesses who might be understaffed or working with a reduced  number of vehicles needed to meet the amount of deliveries. 

Level of Service

Courier prices can be determined by the level of service a customer requires. If they need their order urgently, they’ll have to pay extra to be a priority as it can often disrupt the drivers schedule. It also depends on the type of item, whether it needs to be refrigerated, or packaged a certain way, this requires a higher level of service as an expensive truck is more likely to provide this service. These all contribute to how much drivers are charging. 


The nature of today’s deliveries is all about being quick and efficient but at a cost. If your package is time-sensitive and needs to be delivered at a certain time, your courier should get the job done for a particular price. They’ll prioritise your delivery and fit your stop into their schedule, at the expense of other customer orders getting moved around to accommodate for this urgent delivery.


The Different Types of Courier Quotes In Australia


Standard delivery is the average shipping service. Whilst it is the most cost-effective form of delivery it is slower than all the others and ships anywhere between 3-5 business days. It’s suitable for customers who have the time and don’t wish to spend any extra on their order. 


Overnight shipping is a service that guarantees customers their item within the next day. Whilst standard delivery means you’ll be waiting anywhere between 3-5 business days, with overnight service customers can have their item as soon as possible. Prioritising your delivery means there will be a significant increase in courier prices. 

Same Day

Same day delivery is the most time-effective shipping method as customers can purchase and receive their item that same day using local services. Given the rapid nature of this service, it can be more expensive than the previous options. However it’s great for customers who need their order immediately. 


Interstate delivery involves shipping goods across states to the customer. Like domestic, interstate courier prices are largely affected by the distance travelled between states and could take longer than the previous options. It could be anywhere between 7-14 days. 


Domestic shipping is the transportation of goods within the borders of your own country. Unlike the previous delivery methods who mostly use local courier services, there is a significantly large range of domestic couriers that can transport deliveries. The distance travelled will largely determine the courier prices charged. 


International delivery involves importing and exporting goods between different countries. Shipments can take anywhere from 2 days to 4 weeks, making it the least time-effective option. Given international services have more shipping requirements than the previous as well as greater distance, courier costs are more expensive than most of the other options. 


Additional Services That Can Impact Courier Prices Australia

Courier Insurance

Couriers need insurance because they are constantly on the road, meeting delivery deadlines and often travelling to unfamiliar locations. The risk of accidents is much higher for these vehicles. This means they require a higher cost for insurance to protect against that higher risk. This overhead cost is unavoidable and is factored into courier quotes. 

Luggage Couriers

Luggage couriers make it easier for those travelling and wish to send their luggage back home if they already have too much to fit on the plane. Rather than having to pay for extra on a flight, luggage couriers can deliver it to its destination within a suitable time frame for when the customers arrive.

Large Item Couriers

A large item is determined by weight and dimension, weighing anywhere around 25kg with measurements exceeding 120cms. Loading and unloading an item like this will require an extra hand, contributing to an increase in labour costs and courier quotes. 

Pet Couriers

Pet couriers transport animals either domestically or internationally. Given pets are valuable members of the family, their safety is paramount for any business and must be handled with as much care as possible. The type of care needed can significantly impact courier quotes. 

Pallet Shipments

Pallets are platforms used to package items for freight shipping. Pricing involves considering the freight class, distance travelled, fuel costs, weight of item and any other factors that could potentially influence courier quotes. It’s a great way to simplify the handling and storing of goods, which makes it more cost-effective. 


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