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We hit one million deliveries!

1M Deliveries

I’m excited to announce that back in April this year we hit One Million Deliveries that went via the Zoom2u platform. It didn’t happen overnight, it took us almost 5 years and as each year goes by it’s growing faster. So fast that we didn’t even realise we hit that magic number!

I remember back to day one when the 1st delivery came in, it was a Sunday night and the site had only been up for a few hours. I got an alert and initially thought it was just a test order, but then I realised it was actually a real customer! From that point onwards the business grew from ten deliveries, to hundreds and then thousands each day. As the number of drivers have increased, so has the platform. We have released over 500 updates to the platform since we started, acquired a number of different brands, raised $7M in funding, grown to 2000+ drivers registered and over 70,000 registered customers. It’s been quite a ride, but still so much growth is ahead.

The graph below shows how rapidly we have grown. It took us 3.5 years to reach 500,000 deliveries, then only 1.5yrs for the next 500,000 deliveries. Our next goal is 500,000 in a month – with your support we’ll reach it soon. Please tell your friends how much you love Zoom2u!! 🙂

We hit one million deliveries!

Steve Orenstein