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Top 4 Reasons To Become A Courier

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Top 4 Reasons To Become A Courier 

Finding a job these days is already a difficult process, especially when it comes to finding work you actually enjoy. Being a courier could be the job you’re looking for!

A courier provides door-to-door deliveries of packages and documents for a range of businesses, using their own or a company vehicle to reach each and every destination. Whilst couriers have been used for some time by places such as banks and hospitals, the surge in online shopping, e-commerce sales and new trends has increased this profession’s demand. 

Here’s just a few of the many reasons as to why becoming a courier could be the perfect fit for you. 

4 Benefits Of Being A Courier


Being a courier means you get to be on the road all day, every day. When you’re constantly on the move, your day will fly by and before you know it, it’s the weekend! No draining hours in the office sitting at your desk, staring at a computer screen and being surrounded by co-workers. If you’re an introvert at heart, or someone who likes working independently, then being a courier could be for you.  

You’re in the comfort of your own vehicle, having the freedom to listen to your music or enjoying silence with the windows rolled down. Driving can be relaxing, obviously when the traffic isn’t too bad. It’s all about what makes you comfortable wherever you go.

It’s Easy

Being a courier requires no degrees, no diplomas and no rigorous training. Ever found yourself scrolling though Seek or any other job searching site and was disappointed with all the requirements? Being a courier requires no experience, if you’ve got great communication and listening skills, a driver’s license and a reliable vehicle, you’re all set! 


As a courier you can determine your hours and your income, whether you want full-time or part-time work, however other courier companies offer more structure and consistency. It’s all about how you want to work. Being a courier means you can take on as many bookings as you want and know exactly how much you’ll get paid.

In Demand 

Given the presence of the pandemic, online shopping has significantly increased, along with the demand for couriers. The expectation of when an order will be delivered is completely different to a few years ago. Customers want things to arrive today or in the next few days along with the exact time of its arrival, not the next few weeks. Customers want faster deliveries, meaning more drivers. What used to be 1 delivery truck slowly going around Sydney is now 10 delivery vans each working in a few suburbs. Because of this growth there are more opportunities so if you decide to move, there are always jobs available. 

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If being a courier sounds like your cup of tea then Zoom2u can help. Zoom2u is a platform that connects you with customers who are looking to have their parcels delivered. Using this platform gives you complete flexibility on when you work and what bookings you’d like to take on. Work as much or as little as you want, you get the choice. 

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