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Lights, Camera, Courier!

Joanna Kerr Wildman Films Zoom2u

Wildman Films is a boutique independent production company specialising in unscripted content for an international audience. It was founded in 2017 by award-winning filmmaker Tim Noonan and renowned reporter Peta-Jane ‘PJ’ Madam.


The company’s current production is a travel adventure series which sees the duo jump across the globe and live in remote locations with fascinating people.

“They’re on the road for 12 months so we have a lot of travel we need to book and coordinate for them,” explains Joanna Kerr, Executive in Charge of Production. “We’re also dealing with a lot of vision; they film everything themselves and are a very small team. There’s a lot of time pressure.”


On the road

Wildman Films Zoom2u On Set Delivery

Keeping the crew’s travel documents up-to-date with visas is essential to keeping production moving. “We’re dealing with passports and consulates, so if we courier something we need to know where it is at all times. We can’t risk any delay, or it being held overnight or left in a vehicle,” says Kerr.

Just as critical is the transportation of the show’s footage from the field to edit suites in Sydney. “It all has to be delivered hand-to-hand as it’s completely priceless and irreplaceable. It’s not like if you’re buying a dress and if it doesn’t come they can send you another one. We can’t go back to these places and shoot it again.”


“We need to know where things are at all times with no black spots,” says Kerr, who previously worked at the Seven Network. “At Seven we used all sorts of courier services, but it was always a faceless service. You could never call the driver. You never knew where something was. If something didn’t arrive you’d have to wait until it was logged into a shipping point that night. If things got lost you had no way to find them.”


Hands-on personal and reliable service 

Wildman Films Zoom2u Film Delivery

Wildman Films went with Zoom2u right from the start, thanks to its complete end-to-end service. The experience has exceeded expectations.


“With Zoom2u you literally know the courier’s name and you can call them. If they’re having issues getting into a consulate because someone is on a lunch break they’ll tell you,” says Kerr.


“I’ve been in traffic driving somewhere with the app in my hand booking a courier and meeting someone on the side of road – there’s just no way you would ever get that service from anyone else.”


Taking one for the team

Having a courier company that can handle all of the logistics frees the production team up to do what they do best – make great television.

“Zoom2u for us is basically an extension of our team, otherwise it would literally be myself or one of my staff doing it. It’s a resource we’ve built into our company to save time, so we can focus on other aspects of our business. Instead of my edit assistant driving from one side of Sydney to another he’s focused on getting the show cut”

Highly recommended

Kerr says she recommends Zoom2u’s services all the time now, whether it’s to her mum when she needed some chairs delivered or a girlfriend needing to get a cake to her husband’s birthday party.


“Why wouldn’t you recommend them? They’re fabulous and they do what they say they’re going to do. I don’t know any other service that could solve the variety of problems they do.”


  • Zoom2u’s transparency is critical to transporting Wildman Films’ film footage and important travel documents.
  • It allows the production team to focus on critical business issues rather than logistics.
  • The competitive pricing makes it more affordable than if staff were to transport packages themselves.