Keys Delivery

Locked out and need your spare keys delivered? Moving house and need keys returned to the real estate agency? At Zoom2u we offer same day, 3 hour and VIP deliveries so whatever the situation, we have you covered.

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Keys Delivery

We’ve all been there. You have just shut the front door and realised your house and car keys are locked inside and are sitting on the kitchen bench. The only other set are with your partner who is at work half way across the city. Enter Zoom2u. With VIP and 3 hr deliveries you can organise a courier to go straight across town and bring the keys over to you before you even have time to wander down to your local coffee shop and have breakfast! Best of all, with real time tracking you will know exactly how far away your courier is so you can plan your day.

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Our customers share their stories about Zoom2u:

I locked my keys inside my house. It was quicker and cheaper for me to use Zoom2u 3 hour delivery window than to drive to get the keys from my husbands work. Great service. I had my keys in under 2 hours and didn’t have to have a day off work.”

Janelle via email

I work from home and most of my work is delivered digitally these days, so I haven’t used a courier for years. When I do need to deliver something, I usually plan to drive it there myself. I recently found myself stranded when my wife went to work with my car keys in her handbag. A quick web search revealed Zoom2u. It was quick, easy and affordable, wonderfully trackable and in no time I was on the road again! Thanks to Zoom2u I can now work more and deliver less :)”

Bert via email


“Zoom2u was incredibly reliable and efficient. It was so hard to get a courier to do what we needed, Zoom2u did it with no worries.”

Markland via email

Deliveries recently completed

Pick up From Delivered to Date Duration Time
Greenacre, NSW Parramatta, NSW 27 Apr 2018 Same day 4h 28m
Melbourne, VIC Northcote, VIC 27 Apr 2018 VIP 1h 10m
Sydney, NSW Sydney, NSW 27 Apr 2018 VIP 0h 18m
North Sydney, NSW Sydney, NSW 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 3h 45m
Docklands, VIC Diggers Rest, VIC 27 Apr 2018 Same day 4h 51m
Campbelltown, NSW Miranda, NSW 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 3h 30m
Surry Hills, NSW Sydney, NSW 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 1h 18m
Attwood, VIC Balwyn, VIC 27 Apr 2018 Same day 3h 39m
Windsor, VIC Clifton Hill, VIC 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 2h 02m
East Melbourne, VIC Melbourne, VIC 27 Apr 2018 3 hour 0h 35m

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