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Jaycar Experiences A 100% Drop In Complaints With Zoom2u

Jaycar is a leading Australian-based electronics retail company with stores across Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 1981 by Gary Johnston, Jaycar also sells their products online in the U.S and U.K

The shifting nature in consumer behaviour requires businesses to offer delivery services that are time-effective and reliable. Group Operations Manager, Michael Sutherland and General Manager Marketing, Dave Burns both discussed one of the issues Jaycar experienced was turning on the same-day service where the providers in the area were struggling to keep their promises of arriving on time. 

Giving Customers A Better Experience 

In order to combat the unreliable nature of third-party delivery operations, Jaycar sought to give their customers a better experience. A lack of collections, missing packages and extended delays were no longer an option. Zoom2u proved the perfect match, connecting Jaycar to local couriers who followed on their promise of same-day delivery. This has led to Jaycar using Zoom2u in Brisbane, Melbourne and a few other select locations. 

“We didn’t understand that there was a better option out there” – Michael Sutherland, Group Operations Manager.  

Zoom2u’s Exceptional Customer Support Solves Errors Immediately 

Zoom2u offers tailored customer service, accommodating any requirements needed to improve the way businesses transport their products to consumers. Both Michael and Dave mentioned the flexibility Zoom2u offers, as well as the excellent customer support that sees errors being solved efficiently. It’s as simple as calling up a member of the Zoom2u team and they will identify and solve the issue in a time-effective manner.

“The highlight for me was the dedicated customer support team Zoom2u has, the fact that Zoom2u does a lot of the management and the customer service. It’s hands off from our end, whereas with other partners, we have to send tracking links and follow up customers. The level of service just isn’t there.” – Dave Burns, General Manager – Marketing. 

This has received an incredible response from customers, Jaycar experiencing a 100% drop in same-day shipping complaints, only receiving positive feedback. There has also been a significant increase in repeat customers, highlighting the trust that has been established between Jaycar and their customers as a result of Zoom2u’s services. 

“We experienced a 100% drop in complaints in Melbourne almost immediately. We can see the customer reviews and there are only good reviews. We have seen an increase in repeat customers and it has steadily been increasing over the past 4-5 months.– Michael Sutherland, Group Operations Manager. 

Real-Time Tracking Creates Peace Of Mind

By using Zoom2u, Jaycar can now access real-time tracking of each delivery, giving them peace of mind on their successful completion. Should any issues occur, a team member can access the history of the driver and see what went wrong. They can also send a live tracking link via SMS to their customers, establishing both business and customer transparency. 

“The reliability and that transparency are the two biggest wins for us”- Michael Sutherland, Group Operations Manager. 

More Bang For Their Buck

Dave and Michael also acknowledged that Zoom2u started off at the same price point as other companies, and yet there were so many features and better customer service. It didn’t make sense to shift towards using another platform, when Zoom2u was the option that would bring more benefits to the table. 

“Starting off at the same price point we were paying, we were getting way more and it seemed too good to be true”- Michael Sutherland, Group Operations Manager. 

Zoom2u: The Transparent And Reliable Option

Reliability and transparency are the two words Dave and Michael associate with Zoom2u. Jaycar can now offer their customers same-day delivery that truly delivers! With hands-on customer support that helps reduce the impact of errors, Jaycar is guaranteed a simpler delivery process. This is all because Zoom2u does exactly what it sets out to do. 

Chelsea Woods