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More Delivery Options Improves Customer Satisfaction

True Blue Toys is an Australian-owned business with an amazing range of toys suitable for babies, toddlers and pre-school aged kids. From Soft & Plush Toys, to classic Australian brands such as ABC Kids, Bananas in Pyjamas, Play School and The Wiggles. 

True Blue Toys Australia was founded by Nick Westaway in 2020 after spending over 20 years in retail. Nick wanted to provide customers with quality toys at affordable prices to give kids in Australia and all over the world an authentic experience. 

Changes In Delivery Calls For A Solution

With changes in consumer behaviour and the presence of the pandemic, customers don’t want to wait days or even weeks for their order to arrive. Nick wanted a solution that would allow True Blue Toys to adapt to the new nature of delivery and increase overall customer satisfaction.

“People were just wanting another option for getting their orders. Express wasn’t really cutting it.” – Nick Westaway, Founder. 

Zoom2u Offers More Delivery Services 

Upon discovering Zoom2u, Nick was amazed at the number of services being offered. From using Zoom2u, True Blue Toys could now accommodate their customers by providing 3-hour delivery, same-day delivery or VIP delivery. He also mentioned that at busy times of the year, including Christmas, Zoom2u really helped ease the pressure of last minute orders. 

“Zoom2u gives customers a choice for whatever they need whatever situation they’re in. We can provide that service for them.”- Nick Westaway, Founder. 

Since using Zoom2u, True Blue Toys has received an overwhelmingly positive response from their customers. The amount of delivery services now offered means that True Blue Toys is more accessible for customers who might need their order delivered at a specific time or day. 

“People are surprised that we were able to offer these services even though we’re a small business.” – Nick Westaway, Founder. 

Real-Time Tracking Gives Customers Accurate ETA’s

Another great aspect Nick found in Zoom2u was the real-time tracking feature. Such visibility allows True Blue Toys to give accurate ETA’s to their customers. This proved a great way to keep customers well informed during the delivery process, resulting in an overall better experience. 

“Zoom2u became the easy option and the best option.”- Nick Westaway, Founder. 

Giving Customers The Experience They Deserve 

Zoom2u helps True Blue Toys give their customers a better delivery experience. For some customers that means having access to a variety of delivery options including same-day and 3-hour delivery. For others it’s receiving a live tracking link and accurate ETA so they can anticipate their delivery’s arrival. 

Ever since working with Zoom2u, True Blue Toys have had the tools they need to make all their customers happy with their delivery experience.

Chelsea Woods