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Bing Lee Improves Customer Satisfaction With Same-Day Delivery

Bing Lee

Bing Lee is an Australian family business with 65 years of experience in the consumer electronics and white goods industry. Primarily located in New South Wales with 35 stores and an online shopping platform, Bing Lee offers a wide range of products including consumer electronics, small appliances, home entertainment, and household appliances.

Lockdown Sparks Increase In Online Shopping 

The multiple lockdowns that have occurred as a result of COVID-19 saw an increase in consumer demand. When you’re stuck at home with not much to do, online shopping is often a good way to pass the time. Bing Lee saw this shift in behaviour and wanted to give their customers an overall quicker and more convenient delivery experience. 

“Customers can shop in the way they want to, on their terms. Some people want click and collect, some people want next day delivery but the majority want their delivery as quickly as possible” – Sam Zalin, Merchandise & Marketing Director. 

Same-Day Delivery Improves Customer Satisfaction

Bing Lee saw Zoom2u’s same-day delivery option as a great way to meet the demands of consumers. Instead of delivering the following day, Bing Lee could give customers the option for their order to arrive earlier with Zoom2u. Waiting for a delivery can be frustrating for the customer, so this became a way to give an overall better experience. 

Sam Zalin, Merchandise & Marketing Director of Bing Lee, also highlighted how Zoom2u’s real-time tracking feature has allowed them to give customers accurate ETA’s. Not knowing when a delivery is going to arrive is an inconvenience to customers, as well as a frustrating experience. They don’t want to waste their day waiting anywhere between 7am to 7pm, then only to find out it’s been delayed. Zoom2u’s real-time tracking system allows you to give customers more reliable ETA’s. You can also send them a tracking link via SMS so they can be updated throughout the driver’s journey.

“Customers want choice and options. Zoom2u offers a really high quality service to customers with a quick response time and really strong tracking.”– Sam Zalin, Merchandise & Marketing Director. 

Bing Lee Saves Time And Money With Route Optimisation 

Bing Lee has also recently been using Locate2u, a Saas product for last mile delivery. Sam mentioned that prior to Locate2u’s route optimisation technology, they had been manually planning their routes which was time consuming and more susceptible to error. 

Locate2u has made life easier when planning the most efficient routes for their drivers. This technology builds the most time effective routes by taking into account the availability of drivers, the number of stops and their locations. This not only saves time for businesses, but money as well, given less time spent on the road means less fuel is consumed. 


Zoom2u & Locate2u: The Future Of Delivery

For Bing Lee, it’s all about improving the satisfaction of their customers and meeting their demands. The pandemic and advances in technology has only accelerated the desire for a quicker and more convenient delivery experience. 

Zoom2u allows Bing Lee to give their customers more delivery services and improved ETA’s.  Also, Locate2u’s route optimisation has helped minimise the time spent on planning. 

It’s safe to say that these technologies continue to have a positive impact on Bing Lee and their customers, whilst changing the way they once thought about the nature of delivery. 

Chelsea Woods