Ikea Delivery

Don’t have time to wait  around all day for your furniture delivery? Want your new Ikea purchase quickly but can’t fit it in your car? Zoom2u can help!

3hr and Same Day delivery

3hr and Same Day Delivery

Guaranteed On time delivery or its free

Guaranteed On time delivery or it's free

100% Australian Owned

100% Australian Owned

Ikea Delivery

A lot of freight options offered by companies can be stressful and frustrating. Generally the fastest companies will still take a few days to deliver items, even if the destination is in the same city! Once shipped you often have a window of 2 – 8 hours in which to expect your delivery, meaning you need to be available and wait sometimes all day long! Zoom2u removes the frustration and saves you time by allowing you to choose from same day and 3 hour delivery options, and allows you to track your items in real time straight to your door!

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Our customers share their stories with Zoom2u:

“Couriers generally are pretty good for anything overnight, but to get something done same day is just hilariously expensive. I don’t actually have any spare organs to sell to pay for it, you know? But Zoom2u is actually affordable, it makes it worthwhile to use a courier rather than just driving it there yourself!”

Elwin via email



“My son-in-law organized my chairs to go from Newport to Berry and they were delivered that same evening for I thought a reasonable price. I was extremely pleased with the service”

Putch via email 


“Amazing service. Did a better job for a fraction of the price and faster than the competition.”

Eugene via email


Deliveries recently completed

Pick up From Delivered to Date Duration Time
Mascot, NSW Zetland, NSW 16 Feb 2018 3 hour 10h 05m
Middle Cove, NSW Fairfield Heights, NSW 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 3h 18m
Brighton East, VIC Moorabbin, VIC 17 Feb 2018 Same day 4h 49m
Highgate Hill, QLD Richlands, QLD 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 1h 18m
North Sydney, NSW Caringbah, NSW 17 Feb 2018 Same day 24h 34m
Melbourne Airport, VIC Tottenham, VIC 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 6h 29m
Woolloomooloo, NSW Ashfield, NSW 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 2h 07m
Surry Hills, NSW Fairlight, NSW 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 3h 10m
Mona Vale, NSW , NSW 17 Feb 2018 Same day 7h 26m
Cheltenham, VIC Glen Waverley, VIC 17 Feb 2018 3 hour 1h 54m

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We deliver

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