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Ikea Furniture Delivery

Don’t have time to wait around all day for your IKEA furniture delivery? Want your new purchase quickly but can’t fit it in your car? Zoom2u can help!

Ikea Furniture Delivery

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Ikea Delivery

A lot of freight options offered by companies can be stressful and frustrating. Generally the fastest companies will still take a few days to deliver items, even if the destination is in the same city! Once shipped you often have a window of 2 – 8 hours in which to expect your delivery, meaning you need to be available and wait sometimes all day long! Zoom2u removes the frustration and saves you time by allowing you to choose from same day and 3 hour delivery options, and allows you to track your items in real time straight to your door!


Getting started with Zoom2u is easy, simply book online or download our app today!

Redesigned delivery, it’s here.


Book, pick up and have your items delivered all in one convenient place.

Send gifts to your loved ones, have your keys delivered to wherever you are or retrieve a forgotten passport from a hotel you stayed in. Zoom2u connects you to couriers that can transport whatever you need to wherever you need – seamlessly.

Just place a booking, wait for the courier to pick up your parcel and watch it go to where it needs to be with our live-tracking technology. You can also call them directly if you need to, we’ll give you the details.

We’re here.

Our customers share their stories about using Zoom2u

Before using Zoom2u I found organising couriers extremely painful and never reliable. Zoom2u are awesome. I love how easy it is to book online, how you can track the driver the whole way and how quickly the goods are always picked up and delivered! You guys are the best!

Clare via email

Zoom2u is the perfect service for a small business like mine where I only send the occasional delivery. I love the ease of the online and app based bookings and the fact that I can quickly get a quote so that I can approve the cost with my clients beforehand. Being able to track the approximate arrival time of the courier really helps with planning my day and ensuring that I’m in the office to take delivery or hand over a package. Another small thing which makes all the difference is that every single driver I’ve met has been happy and courteous. No more surly couriers :)

Greg via email

Prior to finding Zoom2u I had always found using a courier a frustrating experience. Generally you are bound by their timeframes and have little choice about the manner in which your items are couriered. I found Zoom2u via a desperate internet search when I urgently needed mortgage and banking documents sent in different directions to meet home buying deadlines. The Zoom2u interface is so easy to use and the staff are a customer service dream! Even when I screwed up all the details of a delivery, the staff made it their business to ensure the job got done and that my stress was taken care of. I have used Zoom2u many times and have recommended them widely. No turning back for me, I’m delighted with them!

Katie via email

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