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How to Prepare your Online Store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday sales 2018 may not be as crazy as what it is down south compared to what might be the unofficial start to Christmas in the US. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs and online store owners should still prepare for the biggest sale of the year since only 60% of Australians believe that Black Friday actually happens in the country – and it does by the way.


Black Friday in Australia is not as popular yet, but a good number of Australian shoppers still visit e-commerce stores to get the best deals all year. 34% of Australians look out for brands and stores that promise to offer discounts and to have a sale in late November can just be the kick your business needs to start the christmas rush! So start preparing for the long shopping weekend from Black friday to cyber monday and get some inventory moving.


Back-up everything


You should aspire for the best Black Friday sales 2018 in Australia since it is the time where most people shop to get the best deals. Sure, slashing off prices for your products may seem counterintuitive, but true businessmen know that a sales event that gets attention needs a good amount of preparation. So let’s start with your website – back everything up.


From product images to site codes, make sure to back everything up since traffic can get quite heavy and your store will not be able to sell if it’s nowhere online! Big events and website traffic surges can bring a website down and at times like these, back-ups are insurance. If your website ever encounters such a problem, your back-up will get your website going in no time.


Optimize Products


Most of the time, shoppers do not have any idea what they’re going to buy. According to a study, 7 out of 10 shoppers are uncertain of what they are going to buy. In order to ensure that your product stands out, make sure to optimize descriptions and titles so that your products are easily discoverable from the websites search engine.


It is best to also include eye catching phrases such as “limited time only,” “in high demand” or “only one left.” Your goal is for your product to get noticed and the more it gets noticed, the more more likely it will sell.




If your Ecommerce store sells sports shoes then cross-selling is putting up sports socks. This may not be your day-to-day selling strategy but in order to maximize the opportunities presented by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s best to observe this practice. Not only can it increase your revenue but cross-selling can also put your brand on the map.


If you’re selling notebooks, sell pens or pencils. If you’re selling high quality watches then also sell high quality watch straps and batteries. The trick is to figure out the most needed accessory your top selling product needs and sell it also.


Discount items right


The least that people will buy on a black friday 2018 sale Australia is at a 20% discount. In order to stand out, you have to be competitive. This means better and bigger discounts. Also add group deals and some marketing efforts to make sure visitors just how big and good your discounts are!


Invest in pop-ups and ads to showcase your best and most creative deals days before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Make sure to display discounts and deals as clearly as possible on your homepage and add a countdown banner to entice impulsive visitors to buy.


Check Overall Site Performance


Days before Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018, check for site speed and performance because a slow website translates to slow sales. 46% of shoppers said that they will never return to a slow website while 69% of customers abandon their shopping carts.


Having a fast website and a great check out experience can decrease these possibilities and to have a slow site on the biggest sale event of the year can be harsh to your brand. Make sure to have your site running smoothly and add a couple more payment options for a better likelihood of sales.

Find the Right Delivery Partner


Let’s say that sales have been made and your online store became a black friday shopping destination – you’re not successful yet.


Black Friday Sale 2018 Australia and Cyber Monday Sales are the events where online stores receive the most traffic and if successful, most sales. However, what most ecommerce stores seem to forget is the experience their customer has during times like these.


As a customer, there is nothing better than experiencing great service during a massive sale. This means an optimized and fast website, a responsive customer support team and a great delivery experience.


Platforms such as ours enable customers to live-track their delivery as it makes its way to them and it is not what most courier companies offer. Sure, a lot of customers can simply be satisfied by just receiving their items on time but to live-track them with your brand is a whole different experience. With this, customers will certainly remember you.


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