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Gifts to Go: How Zoom2u helped Jacaranda Hampers

Jacaranda Fine Hampers Zoom2u Fast Delivery

Zoom2u helps Jacaranda Fine Hampers ensure its gorgeous gourmet hampers are delivered on time and impeccably presented.

Ana Hicks, the founder of Jacaranda Fine Hampers, worked in high-end fashion in Brazil (her homeland) and Australia for over ten years, from retail to production and development. After giving birth to two beautiful daughters, she decided to turn her eye for style to building a home business delivering gorgeous gift hampers.

“I always loved doing hampers. I used to do them for my husband, who’s a builder, when he finished jobs for clients as a welcome to their new home – that’s how it started,” she explains. “I looked at ones online but was never really happy with what I found. I wanted to do something a bit different.”

And so, Jacaranda Fine Hampers was born in 2014. Its unique hampers range from gifts for new parents to wedding gifts or breakfast hampers containing muesli, honey and beautiful bowls to hampers packed with fresh fruit, chocolate, cheese or fine wine. Customers can create their own hamper and Ana is always happy to personalise her products to suit individual tastes.


The pressures of a fresh and fast delivery service  

Jacaranda Fine Hampers Fresh Delivery Courier

With many hampers featuring perishable items, such as fresh fruit or soft cheeses, the biggest business challenge is unquestionably delivery.

“People track all the time how long it’s taking and whether it’s going to be delivered that day. I put a lot of ice packs in them, but it can’t be overnight. As my business is small, I can’t afford to lose one customer,” says Ana.

Ana used another delivery service previously but wasn’t very happy with the customer service. After they closed she made the switch to Zoom2u.

“I looked into Zoom2u as I wanted to do weekend deliveries, which I’d never been able to do before. That’s particularly important for holidays like Mother’s Day where they need a Sunday delivery.”

“Once I started using Zoom2u, I thought the platform was really good, as you can see exactly where the driver is and how long it’s going to take. All of the drivers who’ve come to me have been very helpful. They’re always on top of things and ring me with updates. If someone is not home, they’ll ask what they should do rather than just leaving it there and forgetting about it. It’s definitely an improvement over what I was using previously. It’s been excellent actually.”

Rather than delivering last minute orders herself, as she’s been known to do in the past in a pinch, Ana is now relying on Zoom2u for around 15-20 deliveries each month, using the service whenever an order has to get there “straight away”.

Adding a personal touch

Zoom2u Fresh Same Day Fresh Delivery

In addition to more reliable customer service and fast delivery, Ana appreciates the personal service Zoom2u offers – just like her own business.

“I like the system where they take a photo when it’s delivered because with my business it’s all about how the hamper looks and the packaging and appearance being really nice.”

“For me the most rewarding thing in the business is the people who receive the hampers and making them really happy. It brightens people’s day.”

Making the switch to Zoom2u has let Jacaranda Fine Hampers enjoy:

  • Speedy same-day delivery of its hampers and reliable customer service.
  • Weekend deliveries – essential for holidays such as Mother’s Day.
  • Photos on delivery for peace of mind that the product arrived looking perfect.


Zoom2u is delivery platform connecting you with the best couriers across Australia and offering VIP, 3hr, and Same Day delivery services that can be booked and tracked online, from pick up to drop off. Find out how it works or get a quote today.