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Choosing the Right Cardboard Boxes for Business Delivery

When meeting new people, it is often the handshake that provides the accurate projection for a first impression. However, when it comes to a business environment where the seller and the buyer don’t meet – the cardboard box acts as the handshake but with a slightly different purpose.


Instead of projecting the first impression, it projects the lasting impression – and that is very important.


It’s what most people in the eCommerce space refer to as the “Unboxing Experience” or a branded packaging experience.


So Why is it Important?


Just like how people instinctively judge a person by their handshake, the packaging does the same too.


Imagine buying an iPhone online and the cardboard box it came in fell apart the moment you opened it. You would assume that the iPhone is a bad product and its unique interface and user experience will take a while to win you over than it could easily have in a matter of minutes.


In a study conducted by Dotcom Distribution, it was found that 40% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant whose products come in premium packaging. This phenomenon happens because attractive packaging triggers areas of the brain associated with impulsivity and reward responses whereas unattractive packaging triggers areas linked to negative emotion.


That being read, starting off an experience with your product with bad packaging will definitely leave a bad impression. Sort of like a bad handshake.


Choosing the Right Cardboard Boxes

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Knowing the right cardboard box for your business will ultimately depend on your product. Its size, shape, weight and the unboxing experience are important points to consider to know what box to use.


Here are examples of cardboard boxes available in the market:


RSC’s (Regular Slotted Cartons) – These are the standard corrugated cardboard boxes most businesses use.


EFMs (Easy-Fold Mailers) – These are the cardboard boxes that come in narrow shapes and sizes. Ideal for books or any flat or narrow products. Its easy foldability makes it ideal for shipping and stacking and its narrow appearance makes it more eye-catching than the regular slotted cartons.


Corrugated Mailers – These boxes resemble RSC’s but what sets it apart is the opening mechanism. The RSC’s have four flaps to open it whereas corrugated mailers have only one flap for a more premium unboxing experience.


FLMs (Front Lock Mailers) – The FLM is basically a combination of EFM’s and Corrugated Mailers and brings in the most style out of the four. FLMs are ideal for creating unique unboxing experiences for your customers especially when your product is relatively small.


If you’re looking to create a more custom appearance and put in more effort into your unboxing experience. Here is a list of cardboard boxes that can start you off.


Kraft Corrugated Boxes – These are the standard boxes with the original brown colour and is the most cost-effective option if you’re looking to save a couple of dollars on shipping.


White Corrugated Boxes – Though a bit pricier, White Corrugated Boxes definitely catch the eye more than the brown ones.


Colour Corrugated Boxes – These cardboard boxes are perfect for creating a unique unboxing experience for your brand since you can have them custom-made and printed for an easier packing process and a more eye-catching packaging.


What is Your Product?


As mentioned earlier, the most important factor in deciding what box to use is what your product is exactly. 


If it’s a perishable such as food or medicine, your product will need protection from humidity changes and temperature. The best way to go is with insulated delivery kits with options to add cold packs since these create a protected and sealed environment ideal for your perishable product.


For Fragile and Breakable items, packaging with as many layers of protection is the best way to go. Look into bubble cushion, foam sheets and packing paper to make sure that your products get to where they need to be in one piece.


If you’re selling Clothing or hand-made goods, it’s best to package them in a way that would snug the product while leaving some room for void fills or other paddings.


Choosing the Right Courier


Now that you have your packaging all sorted out, you will then have to find a logistics partner to take care of your business deliveries for you. Since buying is an emotional decision and your packaging is a branded experience, your business deliveries should be an extension of both. They should amplify the emotional aspect by offering a reliable and punctual service and they bring value to your branded experience by ensuring a convenient, quick and transparent delivery.


Zoom2u offers business delivery solutions that can extend your branded environment from your online store up to your customers’ door. By integrating our software unto your online store, customers will experience convenience from checkout to product delivery. They can also live-track their purchase straight from your online store.


Now isn’t that a good unboxing product experience?


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