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Turning your
deliveries into trees

Practising sustainability for future generations

Zoom2u is taking action against climate change by offsetting 100% carbon emissions for every delivery sent through our platform.

Each month we deliver thousands of carbon neutral parcels, which is the equivalent of taking 210 cars off the road - or roughly 47 tonnes of emissions.

zoom2u climate change

Reducing our impact

Each parcel delivery emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which has devastating impacts on health and the environment.

To ensure we are reducing this impact we offset 100% of the emissions produced from the moment a parcel is collected, to the time of delivery.

How do we calculate
our emissions

zoom2u climate change

For every delivery booked on the Zoom2u platform, we calculate the amount of carbon emitted based on a per km rate.

zoom2u climate change

Then we add this to the amount of carbon emitted during the day to day operation of our head office in Sydney.

zoom2u climate change

And based on these calculations, we purchase carbon offsets via Carbon Neutral which go towards supporting projects that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

By using Zoom2u for your delivery needs, you're not only benefiting the environment, you're also supporting projects that have positive impacts on communities and societies where they are based.

Projects we support through our
offset program

zoom2u Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets Project

Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets - Australia

This project aims to link small patches of remnant vegetation and nature reserves in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor by planting mixed native tree and shrub species on degraded ex-agricultural land.

Through planting species highly adapted to the region the revegetation project encourages the reintroduction of endangered species and combats desertification in this Global Biodiversity Hotspot.

In addition to capturing carbon, these plantings provide crucial habitat for thousands of species of unique wildlife.

Co-benefits include employment and training opportunities for local people, contribution to local business and ongoing consultation and engagement with Indigenous communities.

Purchasing offsets allows for the continuation of the planting project which is restoring the fragile ecosystem as well as sequestering carbon.

View the factsheet for more information.
zoom2u Improved Cook Stove Project

Improved Cook Stove Project - Rwanda

This project mitigates climate change caused by the combustion of unsustainably harvested biomass.

In Rwanda, families traditionally cook on thermally inefficient 3-stone fires inside homes with little ventilation. These large fires expose households to pollution and consume a lot of firewood.

The impact of deforestation in Rwanda is widespread, affecting the livelihoods of local people where it disrupts important environmental functions, such as water and soil and soil nutrient retention.

The cook stoves in this project are manufactured at a Rwandan factory from locally sourced products, supporting the economy and employing people from the Bugesera District. More than 21,000 fuel efficient stoves have been provided to families.

View the factsheet for more information.
zoom2u Fortaleza Ituxi Project

Fortaleza Ituxi Project - Amazon Rainforest Brazil

This project aims to protect forests in the Municipality of Lábrea, a region of the Amazon Biome with one of the highest rates of deforestation.

Damage has been caused to ecosystems through the expansion of agriculture and cattle ranching and the close proximity to roads places the unique biodiversity under even greater pressure.

The privately-owned land is under threat from professional land-grabbers and illegal occupation, requiring the Project Area to have improved surveillance for the forest to continue to be protected. Additional financial streams for land management will also be created under the project activities to protect the land from a plausible sale to private investors.

View the factsheet for more information.
zoom2u Chakala Wind Power Project

Chakala Wind Power Project - India

This wind power project is located in Maharashtra State in the west of India, one of the most populated regions of the country.

Energy generated is sold to the state grid, replacing the need for diesel fuelled generators that are used to meet demands in power shortages. A significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions are avoided through the use of renewable sources of energy.

The project provides economic and social benefits for the community with improved business, contribution to infrastructure and the creation of employment opportunities.

View the factsheet for more information.